TCL Community Interest Company

This brand new company was registered in June 2012 and is known as TCL CIC for short.


The new company is all very much in progress and will evolve as projects and enterprises evolve within it.


The initial directors are Gail Capstick Samagita Moisha and Steve Jenkins who are all longstanding active members of the TCL voluntary organisation.


If you'd like to know how to join the CIC as a member then please click here for an application form.


If you'd like to know more about why the CIC was set up and how it relates to the voluntary community organisation please click here.


If you'd like to know how to put a project forward to run under the CIC then please click here for some guidelines on how to do that.


The directors meet monthly at present. Please contact any one of us if you'd like any more information or have ideas to share.