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Local allotment produce

We are a very active bunch of folks with a lot of projects taking shape. 'Fruity Corners' has seen the planting of the first fruit trees at three sites across the City. Click here for more info. A new site at Scotch Quarry Park is in process having just received a substantial grant from the Lottery. . . .


Spring 2012 has seen the enthusiastic RELAUNCH of the 'Garden Share' project for shared food growing space. Please click here to go to the Garden Share page.


In Jan 2012 Charlotte Dickinson, an undergraduate at the University of Lancaster, submitted her dissertation on 'Can Lancaster Feed Itself in a Low Carbon Future?' There is much interesting research in the paper and Charlotte has kindly allowed us to make it available on the TCL website. Thank you Charlotte.For strange technical web reasons it seems not possible to paste this to the website so please e mail samagita@phonecoop.coop if you would like a copy. thanks.


Please see 'whats on' page for info on our next meeting and come and join us . . . our meetings are open to all those interested. There are lots of potential projects to be involved in if you want - but you can just come and see what is happening.


WHY bother???

Just pause and think for a moment about the food you've eaten today - this week . . . . . . how much of it was produced anywhere near Lancaster? How much was shipped, flown and trucked in from around europe and around the world?


Not a very secure situation at all given finite fossil fuel reserves . . . .rising fuel costs and not very good news for CO2 emissions either.


The more local food we buy and eat - and the less dependent that production is on fossil fuel - the more local resilience we, as a community, will have when fuel shocks hit the system. This is in everyones interest - producers and consumers.


For more info on why eating local matters please click here - there is also the start of a list of local organic producers. We need more contacts for this list so please send them along to info@transitioncitylancaster.org and please do use your purse power to build up local food security.


The events page lists the next date and time for our food group meetings . . . please do give us a call, drop us a line or just come along . . you will be very welcome.


TheTCL food group has a number of projects already that need your involvement

Local solutions must include: supporting our local and more sustainable producers; urban edible gardens; community supported agriculture; more allotments; community allotments; planting fruit and nut trees, leasing land from local farmers; and garden sharing.


See the wonderful Action Plan for creating an Edible Urban Landscape that was drawn up in the meeting and completed by Mike Hallam - thanks Mike

It's in PDF format here

We expect to be announcing details of local variety Apple tree purchasing and planting scheme very soon - so keep looking.

a bit of biodiversity in bloom by Iris Woodford

Do join us at the next meeting. Details on the What's On page

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